blender 3D animation Summer 2020
a practice in 3d animation, and some fun escapism


Click ^ To Enter the Fantasy

The Dream I Had

Click ^ To Enter the DreamScape

Oh Rio!

video/performance Fall 2019
a fun piece in which one ventures into my psyche, which feature the song Rio by Duran Duran


video/performance Summer 2019
a video piece existing as an expression of gender, both the positive and negative feelings and how they are combined and hard to seperate

Clark's Sketchbook

video Spring 2019
a video documemntation of a sketchbook made About Time

A Film Noir

video/performance Fall 2018
a video piece paying homage to the classic Noir genre and plays with gender tropes in the genre

Sailor Moon Transformation-Practice

animation Summer 2017
just a quick animation, a remake of the Sailor Moon transformation sequence

to dreams

to faces